Proper Bowel Care Protocols Can Reduce Risks & Transform Lives

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In-Service & Webinar Topics


A Clinical, Quality, and Economic Perspective of Bowel Management

In this webinar we will discuss fecal incontinence and the increased risk for pressure ulcers & incontinence associated  Dermatitis as well as quality implications to your institution and constipation and neurogenic bowel.

Autonomic Dysreflexia & How it Relates to Bowel Protocol & Care

In this webinar we cover the basics of spinal cord injury plus the characteristics, pathophysiology, risk and symptoms of AD. We also share preventative measures, bowel care protocols and resources for treatment.


Bowel Care Strategies &  Enemeez® Product Usage

We will discuss regimented bowel care programs, Enemeez products and neurogenic bowel plus administration guidelines, how the products work and the product advantages.